Imagine the world, never known...

(making the digital age a joy) 

Fernando Pessoa:  Disquietude 

Should you wish to play a Oulipo game: n+7

If you don't know much about Spinoza, time to learn: Yesselman's Spinoza

The history of photographs:Daguerreotype

No one realized the book and the labyrinth were one and the same: Borges

Reassuring or terrifying?  What is out there?  NASA

"Turning a key in a lock has revealed a world 152 years old...." Found world

Collaborative Piano: Piano

Yes, even scientists have ethics:  ippnw

Want to go back to the source?  I do.  Everyday. Aristotle

One of my favorite books ever.  And yes, it coined the phrase, "conspicuous consumption" : Theory of Leisure

A la recherche de temps perdu....Proust

Time hath an art to make dust of all things...I bow to Thomas Browne: Hydriotaphia

The Pseudodoxia Epidemica, one of my all time favorites:  Enquires into very many received truths.... 

Never surpassed...The Anatomy of Melancholy

One of my favorite haunts: The Musem of Jurassic Technology

A better idea than more hot air? Cool earth

A better idea than more ads?  Adbusters

A true cabinet of curiosities: John Soane's Museum